Pick & Mix Free Seeds | Choose your own FREE SEEDS!






Rekindle that childhood joy of picking through the pick and mix trays in search of your favourite sweets.



Except now, we’re offering it with a whole range of FREE cannabis seeds from top brands like Humboldt and Barneys farm!



Visit the Basket page and you will be able to change each free seed on offer. We have a range of 4 different seeds for each free seed offering, with a range of crazy good genetics, such as Chemdawg and Gorilla Glue – to name a few – there’s something for everyone. And a little more!



We know that everyone’s tastes are different, and we don’t want to land you with a load of strains you don’t fancy. That’s why the choice is yours. As you buy more seeds, a bigger and bigger range of free seeds becomes available to you.



  • Humboldt Seeds Chemdawg
  • Feminised Seeds Critical Auto
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Humboldt Seeds  Blue Dream
  • Bomb Seeds Banana Bomb
  • Feminised Seeds  Sugar Mama Auto
  • Barneys Farm Tropicana Banana
  • Barneys Farm Purple Punch
  • Barneys Farm Peyote Critical
  • Feminised SeedsGorilla Glue
  • Advanced Female AK Auto
  • Humboldt Seeds  Bubbas Gift
  • Feminised Blue Treacle Auto
  • Barneys Farm Critical Kush