Sensi Seeds Early Girl Fast, Outdoorsy and Effortless

Sensi Seeds have created a really effortless, high yielding Indica with Early Girl. As her name suggests, she’s pretty quick to finish flowering at only 50 – 60 days. She doesn’t need a lot of room either. Her compact Indica structure will do well in any space, indoors or out.


Test Image – Specs and alternative image

Early Girl is dependable, hardy and won’t ask for much looking after but will reward you with a heavy yield, chunky, sparkly buds and a smooth, long lasting buzz with a deep hashy taste and the powerful kick you’d expect from a 75% Indica.

  • Regular 10 Packs
  • Extremely Resilient
  • 75% Indica
  • Fast 50 -60 Day Finish

Sensi Seeds Early Girl is the fastest outdoor Indica in their collection (excluding autos) and her Afghani, North Indian and Mexican genetics give these seeds the ability to thrive in harshest of conditions and still produce top quality, hash flavoured, high end bud. Sensi Seeds is a breeder you can trust.

Sensi Seeds Early Girl is available in 10 packs of regular seeds for a fantastic £49.99. Don’t wait any longer- get yours now!


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