Want Cheap Cannabis Seeds? 15% Off For Cash Orders!


Gorilla Seeds now offers a 15% discount for cash orders – no strings attached!

No matter how many or how few cannabis seeds you buy, no matter what brand you choose, no matter where you live, all you have to do is select cash payment at checkout & The Gorilla will automatically deduct 15% off the total cost of your beans minus any other discounts before he tacks on the shipping charges.

That’s right – all other discounts still apply, you’ll still get any free seeds you qualify for & we’ll still pack up everything in a super stealthy, extra sneaky kind of way.

Who Loves You, Baby? The Gorilla – That’s Who!


NB: Are you the cheapest wanker on Earth? Then head over to the Gorilla Seed Bank Facebook page & get entered in our latest free cannabis seed giveaway!

NBB: If you’re not the cheapest wanker on Earth, but you like a bargain, here’s what you need to do to take advantage of this incredibly good deal:

  • Put some cannabis seeds in your cart
  • Choose your country’s currency from the upper right pull-down
  • Go to checkout
  • Put in your details & select the cash payment option
  • Wrap that cash in some paper to disguise it & put it in an envelope
  • Include the Order Number from your order confirmation email
  • Mail it to the address provided using trackable mail so you know when it arrives
  • If available, insure your mailer for at least the amount of cash inside


Please see our Payment Page for more details.