Big G Says Slash All Feminised Seeds & Advanced Female Seeds by 30%!

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We can’t give discounts like that everyday, but today – we can!

Starting at 1:00PM BST Wednesday 10th August, and lasting for exactly 24 hours, you can save 30% OFF ALL SEEDS from two of The Gorilla’s favourite breeders when you toss one of their hardcore strains in your basket, as long as you complete your order before the clock ticks down to 0.

Don’t wait – when this sale is over, it’s over!

And, check this out – you can still use a coupon code if you have one, all our free seeds are still in effect, and if you buy your cannabis seeds with bitcoins, we’ll give you another 20% off PLUS a gift pack. If you want seeds cheaper than this, you better plan on stealing ’em!

Here’s what you have to choose from:

Feminised Seeds

As one of the best breeders specializing in 100% feminized seeds, their company name was a no-brainer! This group of canna-geniuses works out of Spain where almost everyone is 420-friendly, even the government, and they’ve spared no effort in creating an outstanding line of both photoperiod and autoflowering genetics. Plus, they’ve even got one high-CBD medical strains if you’re in the market for some MMJ.

Here’s a few Feminised Seeds you should try:

    Chronic – Gifted with a name that’s synonymous for top-shelf weed, the dankest of the dank, the hottest of fire, this is one Skunk that never disappoints.
    Hula Haze – Inspired by Blue Dream, this is one of Feminised Seeds first Sativa-dominant strains. The Blueberry Haze flavour runs strong in this fem, and so do the hellacious head highs!
    Blue Treacle Auto – A consistent top seller at Gorilla Seeds, Blue Treacle’s candy-like flavours, fast finishes & high THC ratings are always a smart choice.

Advanced Female Seeds

Another elite Spanish breeder, Advanced Female Seeds has universal appeal even though they have a relatively small selection of beans. They use an artisan approach that focuses on constant quality improvement rather than rapid expansion, so their 100% feminized seeds only get better with each new batch. In other words, you simply can’t go wrong with this brand – especially when they’re 30% off!

Check out these Advanced Female Seeds:

    Pineapple Chunk – This one’s for all you chubby chasers out there! This feminized seed is known for both her tantalizing flavour & obesely fat, resin-drenched buds. That’s a win-win in our book!
    Automatic AK Female – Hands down, the best selling seed from the Advanced collection, this AK-47 hybrid will cure the worst of moods with strong, uplifting effects that last. Plus the citrus aroma is killer!
    CBD Mass – A mix of AFS’s best high-CBD breeding stock & Critical Mass, this medical seed delivers high therapeutic value PLUS high yields.

You won’t be able to get enough of this one!

Truth be told, there is no bad pick from these two bad-ass brands. But, this is the absolute best time to give them a try – you’ll never see savings like these again!

Get in there & get you some!

Big G & the Entire Gorilla Team

Disclaimer: The 30% discount is off the price of seeds only and does not reduce the price of shipping or stealth. If you earn free shipping by placing a large order, stealth is still a separate charge. Our stealth guarantee entitles you to one free reship if your package is lost in the mail. Like all UK seedbanks, we sell all cannabis seeds on the condition that they are legally collected. That means we prohibit any illegal use including germination & cultivation. You know the deal!